3 Quick Tips: Proper Rug Placement

My "3 Quick Tips" on the best ways to correctly put a rug in either your living room, bedroom, and dining room will provide those areas that designer look. Desire more? …







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37 thoughts on “3 Quick Tips: Proper Rug Placement

  1. A Cozy Casita

    Excellent!! Hi Tamela!! Thank you for this information!! Showing both
    incorrect and correct examples is so helpful. Now i know how to shop for a
    proper rug, size and placement. Great video!! Tfs, have a great week! Liza

    1. HauteonDesign

      +A Cozy Casita Hello Liza! Thanks for stopping by, watching, and
      commenting! Take care and be blessed!

  2. LB Insurance

    This video is right on time! How did you know that I am looking for a new
    rug? Thanks for sharing this information and I will be sure to keep this in
    mind when I go rug shopping this weekend for a new rug for my bedroom.

    1. HauteonDesign

      +LB Insurance Thanks for watching! Glad this information will be helpful
      when you are rug shopping!

    1. HauteonDesign

      +Nia Nicole Thanks Nia for watching and commenting! Glad to know that the
      video was informative

  3. J SMITH

    Thank you for this video! I am guilty of the first two ! Where did you find
    the lace up dining room chair covers?

    1. HauteonDesign

      +J SMITH Thanks for watching and commenting! LOL….don’t feel bad, we have
      all made some of those mistakes. Take care!


    So helpful! I loved the tips and examples. Thank you for the information!
    Wonderful video and yes More!!

  5. Rhonda

    That was an excellent video because I never understood why most people buy
    rugs and it doesn’t serve its purpose. Even though I know this it was good
    to be reminded and see the correct placement. More design wrong and right
    videos would be very helpful like this. Thanks

    1. HauteonDesign

      +Rhonda Thank you for watching and commenting! I am planning on making more
      videos like this!

    1. HauteonDesign

      +Susieq Thank you for watching and commenting! Glad the information was
      very informative!

  6. Cindy 7113

    I thought I had the correct size for my bedroom, but clearly I see I don’t.
    Thanks for your help!

  7. Southern Girl Interiors

    Hey Pretty Lady……wonderful wonderful advice…..I cringe when I see the
    postage stamp size rugs being used….videos like this are extremely
    helpful…..TFS my YT Sis….Hugs & Love

    1. HauteonDesign

      +Southern Girl Interiors Thank you Pretty Lady for watching and commenting!
      Yes, the postage stamp size is the worse offender of all when it comes to
      incorrect rug size and placement. Take care and be blessed!

  8. lush4real

    Any tips on the rug fabric to get for the dining room that is durable and
    possibly hides stains?

    1. HauteonDesign

      +lush4real Hello and thanks for watching and commenting! The best rug
      fabrics that are durable and hide stains are rugs that are made of nylon
      and polyester which are man-made materials. If you are wanting to go the
      natural route , then your best option would be a wool rug. Hope this helps!

  9. Loretta Living

    Thank you for that information!!! I’m going to make proper size and
    placement now.
    That was so helpful.

    1. HauteonDesign

      +Loretta Living Thanks for watching and commenting Loretta! Glad this video
      was helpful when it comes to purchasing a rug. Take care!

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