How to burn the sims with fireworks and rugs

The title states everything. I burn my family to death (Including me). By putting rugs everywhere, and making fireworks produce fire, by the time it hits 1 rug, they all capture on fire. By doing so, the entire room bursts up in flames! Unfortunately, I could not get it to operate in the living-room. Sorry it's so choppy. There were alot of rugs everywhere and so much fire, that decreased the game.

And no, this does not foreshadow events that may happen … insane people

20 thoughts on “How to burn the sims with fireworks and rugs

  1. Valientlink

    @clarkloveselevators Yes, I am aware. Another game which I cause death to
    innocent park guests (although guest 146 has a history for being quite

  2. clarkloveselevators

    @Valientlink I know! He always was slow in my lines, vomited everywhere and
    then vandlized my park! I put him on the ride, and made him drown in a
    lake. =D Sadly he came back later in the game. =l

  3. cataclysme09

    the good times that i used to play the sims 1 on ps2 and i keep makeing em
    eat and use toilet and watch tv haha and never made em sleep

  4. Ultimatley

    the title of this video made me lol, this is like the last game you would
    expect to be violent lmaao but you just watch them drown in fires.

  5. Stephen R

    @simsisgr8 Wow . . . so did I. I never knew so many people set fire to the
    Sims houses the same way . . . lighting fireworks and putting a lot of rugs
    on the floor. BTW those people I had a grudge against . . . those grudges
    are long gone.

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