24 thoughts on “How To Kick In and Install A Room of Carpet

    1. trufe4

      if youre worried about a warranty on a 12×12 piece of carpet, it must be
      pretty nice carpet that costed enough to tell me you wont be installing it

  1. Jason Ramon

    thanks for the video…there are tools to stretch carpet where you don’t
    need the physical. please it hurts me to see you using your knee. i hope
    you the best.

    1. 4G64SicKShoT

      +Jason Ramon power stretchers can rip carpet, thats why alot of veteran
      installers stick with the kicker

    2. frankbradshaw1770

      +4G64SicKShoT you will not get it tight enough just using a kicker. I have
      restretched several homes where so called veterans used knee kickers. my
      father who has been in the business for 65 years has always used a power

    3. trufe4

      +frankbradshaw1770 Generally speaking, the majority of people learning how
      to install carpet from youtube videos wont be doing it for 65 years. The
      same people probably wont be doing a big enough area to want to deal with
      obtaining a power stretcher. And to the guy who has an injury from watching
      this, you wouldn’t be so fat if you got some exercise once in a while.


    You made that look easy. Thanks for the video, now my son and I have some
    work to do

  3. Vianney Blomgren

    how sore are your knees after this? and what other options do i have
    besides that one particular you’re kicking the crap out of?

    1. Vianney Blomgren

      +Vianney Blomgren eehhh got the answers reading your comments, thanks for
      the Video, simple and to the point! I like it!

  4. V. Naledi Raspberry

    I should have watched this before I went to the store to buy the carpet!
    Very informative.

  5. Edward Jones

    a kicker is a positioning tool…. a stretching device is required for all
    carpet installation, this method is incorrect.


    any licensed installer can use their own method for their installations if
    this method voids the manufacturer’s warranty the licensed installer will
    be responsible for the replacement if the carpet needs to be replaced
    that’s why you choose professionals over non-professionals. no installer in
    their right mind Would Knee kick a room bigger than 12 feet by 12 feet.
    this is one of the better video’s I have seen good job.

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